About us (me)


I have been a Non Resident Indian (NRI) for a while. Like all other Non Resident Indian (NRIs), Person of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs), I use various India linked products to maintain my linkage with India – right from NRI bank accounts, NRE or NRO Fixed Deposits home loan, money transfer to India, calling cards/SIMs to stay connected with loved ones back in India. But, I have always struggled to find an easy way to fish out the best product suiting my needs.


Though there has been a rapid growth in the adoption of internet in India, I haven’t found a single unbiased comparison website on India linked products which could cater to 30 million NRI, PIO and OCI users located abroad. Through nriDealExpert.com, I aim to provide an unbiased listing and comparison of India linked products to my NRI, PIO and OCI friends like compare NRE Savings Accounts, NRO Savings Accounts, NRE Fixed Deposits, NRO Fixed Deposits, NRI Home Loans, Money Transfer to India and India calling cards. You can even logon to the Forum to share your views on any provider’s product or service or even discuss a general topic related to India and Indians living abroad.


Initially, you may find that some products are not listed for your country but this is just a start. There will be a continued effort to add more products and countries on my website.


My promise to all my NRI and PIO friends is that the site will never charge you and will always provide an unbiased listing. Though it is my intention to provide accurate information, I cannot guarantee it to be perfect, so please do your bit of research.


If you notice any incorrect or missing information or you want me to add other products, I would be very happy to receive your comments. Your feedback is the most valuable element of this website.