Money Transfer to India
Send more Indian Rupees now! Compare to find the best money to India deal with the best Dollar or Pounds to Indian Rupees exchange rate, fees and speed. This online money transfer to India comparison table lists the best ways of remitting money to India. ...
NRI Saving Accounts
NRI Savings Account offers you the flexibility to dip in and out of savings when required. If parking overseas income in INR, compare and select NRE Savings Account, otherwise NRO Savings Account allows you to manage your income earned in India or overseas. Earn Tax-free ...

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3 Feedbacks

Ali wrote on Nov-06-2017:

" Plz update, interest has been since July 2017."

M.A.Alam wrote on Jul-14-2015:

" Good site to compare various products offererd to NRIs. You should also provide links to "Ready to ocupy' properties in cties like Bangalore along with 'reliability' rating of the seller. Meanwhile,, can you please let me know which Bank is ofering highest rates for 3 year NRE FDs? Secondly, I have a few NRO FDs which I want to convert to NRE. What is the procedure and how to go about it?"

Harsha wrote on Jun-30-2015:

" The NRI Loan calculator is not working good. It is automatically getting reset... please check and correct the bug."

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