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Send more Indian Rupees now! Compare to find the best money to India deal with the best Dollar or Pounds to Indian Rupees exchange rate, fees and speed. This online money transfer to India comparison table lists the best ways of remitting money to India. ...
NRI Saving Accounts
NRI Savings Account offers you the flexibility to dip in and out of savings when required. If parking overseas income in INR, compare and select NRE Savings Account, otherwise NRO Savings Account allows you to manage your income earned in India or overseas. Earn Tax-free ...

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Siddhesh Chavan wrote on May-13-2016:

" I had a good experience at Remitlite.Before i'm very confuse to which best for sending money to another county then my mutual friend told me about remitlite . after that checking on website they provide me very nice infor as well rate so. I transferred money from UK to India and the transaction was fast and efficient Remitlite offered me the best exchange price. Though they don't have a phone number, their mail service is very quick and immediate. I did not face any glitches during the transactions. "

Kunalbehra wrote on May-26-2016:

" "I've been using RemitLite for quite a while now and every time I sent money it always gets there on time and my relatives back home don't have a hard time picking up the money. I just love the service. I've tried western union but I’m not satisfied with their service....they give my relatives a hard time claiming the money that's been sent to them and they ask for extra fee even though I already paid for the fee of sending it here in U.S. Keep up the good work and RemitLite is number one. Thanks a million...."

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