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What people are saying about us

  • At the first glimpse the site looks fantastic. It looks simple initially but packed with tons of information when we explore further. THe site seems to be a one place providing all the information required for a NRI who has just left India. Truly an . . .Read More

    - Naren
  • The website is simple, easy to understand and very helpful for NRIs. The questions that usually crop up in my mind as a NRI get very well answered at one place. All the best. Very good website!

    - Akshata Salian
  • Hi, this is one of the best tool which as much needed for the Global Indians. The website look and use is super smooth. One thing I would like to see is deals that nridealexpert can tag them as their smart choice, which would make it quick and easy c. . .Read More

    - Santosh Gandhi
  • The website is simple, unique and specific. Great for NRIs.

    - Ashlesha
  • I have seen few comparison websites. Most of them are very generic with wide range, kind of one stop shop but sometimes you just get lost in them.. This one is simple and specific and probably more effective. I liked the simplicity and ease of using . . .Read More

    - Akhil Gupta
  • Good site to compare various products offererd to NRIs. You should also provide links to "Ready to ocupy' properties in cties like Bangalore along with 'reliability' rating of the seller. Meanwhile,, can you please let me know which Bank is oferi. . .Read More

    - M.A.Alam

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