The story behind Hello, I am Mohan Lath, the founder of

Like all my NRI friends, I use various India-linked products to maintain my connections to India, e.g. NRI bank accounts, NRI fixed deposits, money transfers, NRI share trading platforms, flights to India, etc. But, every decision I made was a hassle because it took me so long to gather information from so many sources. It felt like if I wanted to good deal, I had to really work for it.

That’s when I created, as a way for the Indian overseas community to get listings of India-linked products and services that they can compare and choose, all in one place. I wanted to offer the NRI community the opportunity to get value and give back by rating and reviewing the service providers, that way you could be sure that you’re getting good value for money.

We’re a small but growing team, and we welcome hearing from you. Drop me an email and let me know what you think of our website and what you think we can do to serve you better.


Mohan Lath

A seasoned financial services professional with 14 years of experience in banking, payments and e-commerce at ICICI Bank and Amazon UK.

Kapil Gupta

Senior Developer
A full stack developer with over 7 years of experience in developing robust web applications.

Tharani Rajamanickam

Research Analyst
A B.Tech degree holder with 7+ years in writing and editing, Tharani loves exploring the world.

Kevin Mountford

Business Advisor
CEO of Raisin UK, Europe's #1 deposit marketplace, with over 20 years’ experience in financial services including UK's leading comparison website,