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LONDON 11 September 2014. It just got easier for Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and People of Indian Origin (PIOs) to compare and find the best India linked services online., a first of its kind online service gives users a simple way to quickly compare NRI savings accounts, fixed deposits, home loans, money transfer services and India calling plans to find the best value for their money when availing these services.


Every NRI or PIO avail different products and services to maintain their linkage with India – right from maintaining a NRI Bank Account to meet their expenses in India, locking their savings in a NRI Fixed Deposit, transferring money to their parents and staying connected with their loved ones back home using India calling plans. However, it is often observed that people struggle to find an easy way to fish out the best product suiting their needs. They have to navigate multiple websites to compare rates, fees and features before identifying the best service they should use. To avoid such hassles, many simply choose the provider based on their brand, loosing out on the best value for their money. solved those problems by giving a powerful yet simple comparison tool to find the best service by visiting just one site. They can quickly find today’s best NRI deposit or home loan interest rate, Rupee exchange rate and India calling plans.


Anuradha Kambi, Founder of, a NRI herself who has been through a similar limitation before launching the site says, “Though there has been a rapid growth in comparison sites on local services, I haven’t found a single unbiased comparison website on India linked services which could cater to my 30 million NRI friends located abroad. Through, I aim to provide a free, unbiased and easy comparison of India linked services to help my NRI friends make the best choice. They can even benefit from reviews submitted by others on a provider’s service. My promise to them is that the site will always provide an unbiased comparison and reviews.


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