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Jithin George wrote on Apr-23-2018:

" So easy to send money using the App or website. Any minor concerns are addressed immediately by the customer support team who are always at hand. Excellent Rates and money reaches all my beneficiaries within 1 working day. "

Rachel wrote on Apr-23-2018:

" "

WILFREDO SANTOS wrote on Apr-23-2018:

" Charge fees is less, but fast payment, best customer service and exchange rate is very competitive. "

Sriman wrote on Apr-23-2018:

" Good Rate and no charge."

Mohan Lath wrote on Jul-25-2018:

" My money transfer to India with Crosspay was super smooth. Highlights were:
- Very good end value in Indian Rupees.
- Registration was simple and quick. I didnt have to upload any document.
- Money reached my beneficiary in 1 day - No nonsense customer journey.

Lowlights were:
- I had to transfer money to their bank account. Would love the option of payment by debit card
- Beneficiary registration was quite simple except that I had to enter an Indian number. I was adding my NRE account as a beneficiary and I dont have an Indian number. So, I entered my father's number. Ideally beneficiary registration should allow overseas address and phone number for someone who is transferring money to an NRE/NRO account."

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