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Sanket Kore wrote on Nov-23-2018:

" Used this service twice and had a good experience. The transfer was fast and the money got credited directly in my mom's account. "

Aman Ranaa wrote on Dec-24-2018:

" Hi folks, I am from Australia. I am using this service every month to send money to India to my parents. The process is easy and secure. You just need to add your and receivers account number, you will be notified once the money is transferred to the receiver's account. I will suggest you try this service once. "

rohitsinghh2311 wrote on Feb-04-2019:

" I had been using this service for transferring money to my friend's account, it offers the best service with zero transfer fees and guaranteed exchange rates. I'll suggest you try this service once."

aman wrote on Mar-06-2019:

" I had a great experience with Remit2India. Very Secure money transfer service and hassle-free transactions."

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