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Dexter wrote on Sep-25-2015:

" Got Cheated - Horrible Experience ========================== Why did you cancel my original transaction (without my authorization) booked on Sep-18-2015 for USD 1001 to be transferred to Bank account in India converted to INR with rate 1USD to INR 66? The other transaction was duplicate and created by a bug in your Mobile App. This transaction was at a lower exchange rate. Why did the original transaction went into delay state for 4 days and instead a new transaction was generated by itself that went through instantly? When I raised the concern, you cancelled the original transaction that was at a higher rate instead of the wrong later transaction that was done by your buggy software. This is cheating. This is totally not acceptable to me. Guys think multiple times before using Xoom Service as they have ways to loot you. Even after long mail threads and speaking to Supervisor on phone, they are not agreeing to the bug in their system and are not refunding the lost amount. Avoid this service. I am also going to share this negative experience with my colleagues at Microsoft and ex-coleagues as well. "

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