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atul agarwal wrote on Sep-09-2012:

" Good Service. Can provide even better rates than the Nationalized banks. "

Krishan Gopal Kakra wrote on Mar-10-2014:

" Poor service and response. If you have 3 in 1 account then you need to for sure suffer. Even after writing Nri head the employee don't respond."

Hafeezullah Khan wrote on Sep-05-2014:

" If you have NRI demat account with PINS, then you can not close your demat account from oversees. For closing PINS you need RS 100 stamp paper signed which requires to visit India, failing which ICICI Bank continue charge Rs 2850 per annum even you have closed your trading account. Be careful ICICIDIRECT brokerage is highest in India"

Prashanth wrote on Sep-23-2014:

" Pathetic customer service and bank policies are very annoying and they just corner customers with no options... esp for NRIs. "

Vivek wrote on Nov-24-2014:

" Very unprofessional approach by its employee. Send all documents to open NRE Saving account, got mail that my account under freeze is open. Need to initiate wire transfer. Got another mail which confirm that my online info user id, online banking, debit card being posted to my oversees address. Its been a year I am still waiting for the belongings, and god knows about that account under freeze. Despite repeated emails, no body is keen to respond "

G-Gateway wrote on Dec-29-2014:

" ICICI bank has infrastructure but the Knowledge and the utilization of infra. is utterly poor. You won't get services when you have problems. They lack banking skills. sorry to say this but its what the truth is."

Saravanan wrote on May-24-2015:

" Worst service..Regret to be a customer and looking for a better one"

Bhavani wrote on Jul-07-2015:

" Worst service, will close the account soon."

Rama wrote on Jul-15-2015:

" Pretty worst service in Banking. Customer Support is Pathetic. Not helpful for overseas customers. "

Janki Sharma wrote on Sep-18-2015:

" I want to highlight the poor and un-professional customer service of ICICI Bank. I already hold a savings account with them and had applied for opening NRO and NRE bank account on 9th July 2015. They have been unable to execute my request till date (18th September 2015). They made me resubmit the documents thrice. When i complained to their customer care, they repeatedly sent me an email with the same text, each time asking for a few more days to resolve the request. I would not recommend any NRI to open account with ICICI bank."

Abhishek wrote on Oct-12-2015:

" I am forced to select 1 star. It does not deserve it. I have an account and want my wife to add in it. My wife did not change the surname after marriage and they are saying that they can not do it because of this. They have most discriminating behavior. Will change the bank as soon as I open a new account. Abhishek"

Lakshnan wrote on Oct-17-2015:

" Worst customer service, over charges without informing early, horrible call center, worst responses for home loan queries, no replies even after months to queries, heavy debit card charges. Service was good few years back but has deteriorated to worst. "

Uday wrote on Dec-17-2015:

" Their website is crappy, customer representatives are ignorant, processes are a joke and rules are more archaic than the nationalized banks. For a bank that touts itself as the leader in modern banking, they have failed to get even a single aspect of customer satisfaction. I have such a long laundry list of their incompetence that I will not waste my time enumerating them. Worst service ever."

Chaitanya wrote on Feb-02-2016:

" Absolutely worst customer service. They just bluntly lie to you on every platform when you are interacting with help support"

Ravi wrote on Feb-02-2016:

" Worst Service ever,i will close all me accounts ...."

Raghu wrote on Apr-22-2016:

" This is the worst bank i never saw in my life. I tried apply 3 times, no response, No proper information. Knowledge less people, Cheating people with Online only, but they will not accept online applications, They need all the documents after apply online. I do not know what is the need of saying ONLINE and cheating customers. DON'T BELIEVE THIS BANK, NOTHING WILL WORK WITH THEM. BE CAREFUL BEFORE STEP INTO THIS. "

Ragavan wrote on Aug-31-2016:

" Very very poor. Withdraw money without any prior alerts"

Gagan Kumar wrote on Nov-23-2016:

" Chased ICICI representativie to open the NRE account but no one is responding. Representative do not have full information. After opening the account no service, customer care is not responding."

Shahji wrote on Dec-08-2016:

" Poooooooor Customer Service, NRI Cell Never respond, very very unprofessional staff. worse bank for NRI, think 100 times before opening account in ICICI bank."

Rajesh wrote on Feb-07-2017:

" Poorest Customer Service, they only will call you till we open account after that we need to chase them for any sort of request. Return call service, never worked from past 3 yrs. When ever i call customer service, each one give will give different answers. Though they have NRI customer contact details, they wont call on follow up. Recently, i dropped KYC documents at the branch when visited India. After 3 months, my account got locked due to KYC documents uploaded. When i called customer service, then only i came to know, they were sitting in branch and they are waiting on one more document which they havent communicated. Its been more than 1 week, i cant access my account and waiting for them to upload and enable online access."

bharath wrote on Feb-18-2017:

" Im so disappointed. I tried to open an NRE account and a customer service person was on phone saying he will help through the application process. He was utter useless. if i had any doubts, I had to ask a question 3 or 4 times loudly after which he will respond. Very unresponsive and irresponsible. Seriously got annoyed and told the guy straight. I wont bank with ICICI. "

Savitha wrote on Feb-22-2017:

" The website will not update with your statements regularly and when you talk to customer service. Nobody I mean it nobody not even managers can answer completely and correctly (spoke to 10 people/email,phone and chat). If I had not been an ICICI customer in India and did not have so many product of theirs I would not have continued. I will close all of them next year as soon as go to India.. Credit card division, ICICI pru life and NRI accounts division none of them do their jobs.. basic answers..."

Ganesan wrote on Mar-30-2017:

" If you talk about ICICIBank 10 years ago, it is one of the best bank in India. Now it's service towards customer is Zero, Now rating is one of the worst bank "

Sumer wrote on Jul-09-2017:

" Worst services !!! Be careful."

Rayees wrote on Apr-02-2018:

" infrastructure is good. but worst service. make you tired with auto and false response with no intention to resolve. may be too many customers must have made the bank becoming arrogant. no plans to continue."

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