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vijay wrote on Dec-05-2015:

" - No customer Service. If you call them 8-10 options and suboptions to those 8 options. Plus the girl has very bad english sound. It seems some Dirty Aaj Tak Channel host girl reading the helpline menu. -Email complaint response takes 8-10 days. And if it comes your request gets resolved in 45-60 days with escalation to CEO's email. So keep doing followup -Worst people to deal with "

Sridhar wrote on Jan-25-2016:

" Absolutely horrible service!! It takes forever to open an NRE savings account! Pathetic customer service. It took me 6 months just to complete an application and it is still in process"

alienuk wrote on Feb-08-2016:

" Appalling service. The guy calls you like the teacher correcting the record notebook HDFC thinks all customers who apply as school kids and try to give review comments for pull stop, comma , question mark etc. If I have a long term enemy looking for suggestions, I will fake smile at him and suggest him to open NRI account with HDFC. "

Krishna wrote on Jun-19-2016:

" Why cant all banks give the interest rate of 7% when one bank is giving.Free ATM card which comes with free of cost with account opening is just normal ATM card with minimal with drawl limit.No online chat facility i guess "

Anonymous wrote on Feb-03-2017:

" HDFC bank has very poor and incompetent service. Their processes are unrealistic and don't make sense and their representatives can't answer your queries properly."

Vaseem wrote on Apr-20-2020:

" "

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