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Himanshu Patel wrote on Jan-01-2019:

" I am forced to select 1 star this bank is not even worth this.After so manydocumentation and followups they open an account for me and finallytold me that it is debit freeze account and i cannot put cash in it and frist transaction has to be made by my international account which i never had and has clearly brought to there notice regarding the same but that time the never told me about debit freeze and now since one month i am struggling for unfreezing they account but bamk executives are telling that they cannot. So now i have to close the account. Any one is least bothered about your problem and situation."

Tallapaneni venkatadri wrote on Feb-07-2019:

" "

Anirudh Khetan wrote on Jun-12-2019:

" Disgusting bank"

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